Daesan Innotec is a company specializing in variable speed electric hoist and manual lever chain hoist


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DAESAN INOTEC has demonstrated its excellence globally in electric chain hoist, chain block hoist, lever hoist, and geared trolley
Welcome to
DAESAN has been proven worldwide with our excellency in
Electic Chain Hoist, Chain Block, Lever Hoist, Trolley and Wire Rope Winch.

Chemical plant, construction plant ship-building yard and other
industrial manufacturing plant in Korea as well as other countries
abroad are lifting and moving load with DAESAN products.

We provide service solutions to wherever safety weight load is required.

We are
Global leader

Absolute safety. A lifetime trust The hoist is a safe handling cargo handling machine and
we are doing our best to reliably use our products.
DAESAN CONTROL HOIST and DAESAN MANUAL HOIST are safe cargo handling machines

Lift Your Confidence

  • DAESAN INOTEC continues to innovate in our chain lift hoist, chain pulley hoist, and crane hoist inverter To be Innovative
    Through steady research and development
    we have received patents on our technology,
    and so we are continuing to innovate our hoists.
  • Daesan Innotec specializes in manual lever chain hoist and VFD hoist control, dedicated to customer satisfaction To be Customer oriented
    More then 20 years of
    experience form professional
    engineers is put into each product in
    response to our customer's refined needs
  • Daesan Innotec specializes in manual lever chain hoist and VFD hoist control, and it is growing into a global company. To be Globally challenging
    We are growing into a global company by
    exporting to 30 countries including the
    United States, China, France and Vietnam.

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